Our vision is to be a globally recognised service company offering quality services safely, on budget and on time.

It is in our mission to be recognised as the preferred deep-water service provider, delivering exceptional results even in very challenging situations.


In today’s working environment, we have core values which we imbibe as guiding principles that define our personnel culture and mode of behaviour.


We work hard to ensure that safety is the key mind-set established before every operation. It is a culture that is transmitted from top to bottom as a lifestyle in order to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, partners, clients, communities and varying stakeholders accordingly. See more on health and safety.

Quality Service Delivery

Being the core expectation of our clients, our operations are in accordance with international standards meeting or exceeding their expectation. We are inspired to do it better.




We treat our stakeholders with respect, honesty and openness with the belief that transparency is key to establishing best working relationships. Being ethically unyielding and inspiring trust by saying what we mean and doing as we say. As a rule, we conduct our business in accordance with global best practices.


We strongly believe that if we empower each other, together, we can deliver on our promises. We continuously strive to create a collaborative working environment, where we cross fertilise ideas, support and motivate one another, knowing that failure for one is failure for all.



Consumer Satisfaction

In Marine Platforms, we sit on the same sides with our clients with the utmost goal of seeking solutions to challenging issues irrespective of profitability.


Trackrecord over Profitability

As a growing company, profit has never been our aim but seeking challenging situations as a learning curve to the technical advancement of the company.


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