Subsea Solutions

Marine Platforms is a leading subsea solutions provider operating with state of the art equipment manned by highly skilled and dedicated people. Our Deepwater operation is ever expanding as a result of quality services delivered safely to the industry over the years.

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Well Services

Well Services

Marine Platforms started its well services operation partnering with Well-Flow International for the Provision of Wellbore Cleanout Tools and Chemical. This is a process of running mechanical tools and pumping cleanout chemicals to remove unwanted debris as well as metal shavings from the wellbore and displace the well to a clean filtered completion fluid prior to running completion strings.

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Vessel Chartering

Marine platforms vessel chartering service offers a full spectrum of Marine services to the oil and gas industry through a comprehensive range of marine support vessels for exploration, development and production operations. Through owned or chartered vessels, we are capable of meeting the needs of today’s offshore market.

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