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Well Services

Marine Platforms started its well services operation partnering with Well-Flow International for the Provision of Wellbore Cleanout Tools and Chemical. This is a process of running mechanical tools and pumping cleanout chemicals to remove unwanted debris as well as metal shavings from the wellbore and displace the well to a clean filtered completion fluid prior to running completion strings.

  • Well Services
  • Well Services

We have successfully carried out this operation over the years for SNEPCo on the Bonga field, Exxon-Mobil on the Unam, Ubit, Usari, Mfem and Ehra field, Total on the Akpo field, NAE on the Abo field and Afren on the Ebok, Okoro and Okwok field.

We are currently breaking new frontiers through the deployment of coiled tubing on our vessel for acid injection operation. In strategic alliance with other technical partners we offer other services such as:

  • Wireline services
  • Slickline services
  • Tophole and rigless drilling
  • Survey services
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